Dot-com’s 25th Birthday – March 15

Technology | admin | March 15, 2010 at 3:58 pm

These days, when everyone seems to have a blog, an Orkut account or can Google themselves, it’s hard to remember the old days, before the dot-com revolution.

It was 25 years ago “March 15, 1985” the first dot-com domain name appeared on the Internet. Having a domain name made it simpler for the average person to access a Web site, development was slow, at first. It took many years for more websites to be developed by 1995, the number had grown to 18,000. But from those humble beginnings the Internet has grown to more than 80 million dot-com domain names.

Every country on Earth, developed and developing alike, has adopted the Internet. Congratulations to dot-com on hitting the 25th birthday.

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