Nityananda Swami scandal – Heroine confesses

General | admin | March 9, 2010 at 5:49 am

The movie heroine, Ranjitha in the Nityananda Swami scandal spoke to the media persons today and said that she was the one in the video, she said she was in part of the video and was just giving her “offerings” to the Godman. She said that she often fed him food and massaged his body. She said she did all this as a true devotee. She also admitted that she used to stay in his room until late in the night and that it was with the knowledge of the ashram inmates.

Ranjitha, however, was very careful with her words and not even once did she talk about the ‘sex issue’. She carefully evaded the topic and neither accepted nor denied her sexual acts in the video, but she strongly denied the accusation that she is trying to cash on the sex video shot by Nithyananda’s onetime associate Lenin Karuppan.

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