Khabardaar L Rajagopal – T supporters

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L Rajagopal made statements that he will join Chiranjeevi in touring the Telangana, he said he already toured Telangana without any police portection. Whenever is gets a chance he tells his stance and supports Samaikyandhra

Leaders in Rayalaseema talking to the media said that who is L Rajagopal to say the state should not be bifurcated, is he the person to dictate the people or what, all he has is just money, if he thinks he can say anything against Telangana or talk about Samaikyandhra, Then he is wrong. He is just a person who has lot of money and wealth and should keep his mouth shut and not talk about Samaikyandhra.

Everytime he says he will resign, who is stopping him from resigning was the statement made by Rayalaseema leaders. L Rajagopal is making Samaikyandhra statements just to save his businesses and make more money.

Talking to media Telangana leader Harish rao said everytime L Rajagopal is making anti telangana statements and insulting the sentiments of Telanganites, L Rajagopal says T students are terrorists, T professors are talibans and T universites are hub for the terrorsists.

He warned L Rajagopal to stop making these kind of provocative statements or else he will have to face the consequences.

All the Telangana leaders and Rayalaseema leaders said Khabardaar Rajagopal.

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