L Rajagopal should consult a psychiatrist

News pulse, Politics | admin | April 8, 2010 at 6:39 pm


It looks like L Rajagopal is getting restless day by day and he looks very tensed to protect his interests in Hyderabad and his businesses. He is now on getting ready to submit his report number seven to the SKC panel.

TRS leader from Siddipet, Harish Rao speaking to the media said that L Rajagopal has been submitting all fake documents and lies to the Sri Krishna panel and said that as the deadline is nearing, Lagadapati is growing restless day by day. L Rajagopal has lost his mind and requested the congress party to get L Rajagopal admitted in the Erragadda mental hospital in Hyderabad and consult a psychiatrist” he added.

Regarding the claims made by L Rajagopal that he would tour Telangana during by-polls, Harish Rao said that the people of Telangana would wait eagerly for him with Chappals. Harish Rao also added that L Rajagopal who is submitting reports to Sri Krishna Committee are all prepared by hired people and external consultants who do not have any idea of Telangana.

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