T saadhana Bus Yatra – Sambashivudu

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Maoist party ex-secretary, Sambashivudu on May 20 2010 said that if the Telangana state is not formed, it would be a maha sangramam, we have to plan in this direction and want to get all the Telangana like-minded groups, suppporters and parties together.

Sambashivudu said that the Bus Yatra will start from Bhongir after the meeting. They launched the bus yatra poster, speaking on the occasion he said that for the last month or so the Telangana movement has been silent and there is a talk amongst the people that the T movement has no direction. He want to start the bus yatra and get to poeple and rejunevate them and take the T movement to the next level. He also said the T movement has not been stopped, but it has just been quite.

He also called on all the T supporters to come forward and wotk for the sepaarate statehood of Telangana and said that all the political leaders in Telangana who are not working in the lines for the formation of separate Telangana statehood should be declared as Telangana Drohulu.

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