Andhuthey Juttu lekha pothey Kaallu – L Rajagopal

News pulse, Politics | admin | October 5, 2010 at 8:38 pm

L Rajagopal the Samaikyandhra supporter who was and is in the frontline for supporting Samaikyandhra and a very strong supporter anti Telangana seems to have realised that the formation of Telangana state is in the cards and he has no other go but be calm and make a compromise.

A couple of weeks ago, he praised TRS chief, KCR and in return KCR praised L Rajagopal. L Rajagopal has to compromise as he has a huge properties and is into lots oof businesses in Telangana.

The latest in the compromising is L Rajagopal says Bathukamma should be celebrated by everyone and not only in Telangana and Telanganites.

What a U TURN, L Rajagopal, you have proved that “Andhuthey Juttu lekha pothey Kaallu”

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