Kiran Kumar Reddy wants SKC report delayed

News pulse, Politics | admin | December 6, 2010 at 5:46 am

Kiran Kumar Reddy, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister is trying hard and having talks with the congress high command to delay the Sri Krishna Committee Report.

As per the schedule of SKC, it as to deliver the report to analyse the situation in Andhra Pradesh on the demand of separate state of Telangana by Decmebre 31 2010.

It is known that from the day Kiran Kumar Reddy took on the CM’s office he had been having different issues coming up one after the other and is trying to resolve them, It is heard that Kiran Kumar Reddy opined that the state is not ready for the situation that might arise with the SKC report.

He is of the opinion that things will settle down in the next couple of months, so he is wanting to delay the Sri Krishna Committee report.

Well, if that happens the Telangana supporters will be on fire and the situation will be out of the control in the state, we are not sure if Kiran Kumar Reddy is thinking in those lines.

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