Jeevitha’s brother buys drugs for Rajashekar?

Gossips, News pulse | admin | February 13, 2011 at 8:24 am

It is known news that Jeevitha’s brother was caught red handed while buying drugs from a Nigerian. Jeevitha is not having a face to come out and talk to the media.

Jeevitha is kind of a persn who will come out and make huge statements on others, but in this issue she is not talking about his brother and not making any comments/statements.

Earlier in the filmnagar circles there have been news that Rajashekar is into taking drugs and a actress made statements on Jeevitha and Rakashekar when the actress was working in a movie starring Rajashekar. Now, there is a news in the air that Murali, Jeevitha’s brother used to buy the drugs for Rajashekar and at the time of his getting caught also Murali was getting drugs for Rajashekar.

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