Kiran Kumar Reddy khel katham?

News pulse, Politics | admin | February 21, 2011 at 4:56 am

It is known that the current CM, Kiran Kumar Reddy was made Chief Ministes accidentally, when there were no takers and the cong high command wanted someone.

News is is making rounds that congress high command is thinking of replacing the current CM, Kiran Kumar Reddy and give the post to a Telanganite. With the current political situation and the non-cooperation movement that has become a huge success and everyday the Telangana movement is getting stronger and stronger.

The congress high command seems to think that Kiran Kumar Reddy is not handling the situation correctlym he had to try to convince the Telangana supporters and try to calm the Telangana movement in which Kiran Kumar was not at all successful.

The news emerging from the high command is that in the coming days Kiran Kumar will be replaced and a new post will be created and Chiranjeevi will be given Deputy CM post. Then, watch the situation in the state and if the Telangana movement/fight does not calm down they might think of any one option from the SKC recommendations.

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