Prof. Kodandaram criticises DS

News pulse, Politics | admin | February 19, 2011 at 11:58 am

Prof. Kodandaram criticised PCC chief for giving the statement to to call off the Non-Cooperation movement given by the Telangana Political JAC.

Prof. Kodandaram questioned DS as to why cannot he go to Delhi and talk to his so-called high command and get a statement made by the high command on the separate statehood of Telangana. Kodandaram said that DS is capable of doing so, He questined if DS dares to go to Delhi and get the positive news of formation of separate statehood of Telangana.

Prof. Kodandaram went on to say that DS was just shedding crocodile tears by saying that the Telanganites are facing problems with the Non-Cooperation movement call given by the political JAC.

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