L Rajagopal dammakk dobbhindaa?

News pulse, Politics | admin | March 16, 2011 at 4:34 pm

It is known to every Telanganite that L Rajagopal acts and statements resemble a mental person, he does not know what he talks and he will be passing on some stupid pamplets every now and then.

L Rajagopal once again poved that he is a mental person, he made some statements on the Telanganites regarding the Tank Bund issue. There was no link or meaning to what he spoke.

In the same regards, the congress MP from Telanagana criticised the statements of L Rajagopal and said that he better mind his tongue and not provoke the Telanganites. They questioned him as how can he provoke the Telanganites being a cong MP.

The Telanagan MPs had the opinion that L Rajagopal dammaka dobbhindhi.

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