Rahbar-e-Telangana, Telangana urdu newspaper

News pulse, Politics | admin | April 19, 2011 at 5:03 am

TRS chief, KCR who has succesfully launched Telangana news channel ‘RAJ news’ by leasing and finally launched our own Telangana news channel ‘T News’.

KCR talking to the media announced that he will launch a Urdu newspaper ‘Rahbar-e-Telangana’ soon to fill the gap in Telangana media.

The online edition of Namasthey Telangana ePaper website will be annouched before the launch of its webiste on 1 May, 2011. The urdu edition will follow later.

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  1. Kiran Mandava says:

    One more good source of revenue for KCR family. These news paper, news channels and all the junk can never bring Telangana.Formation of Telangana is impossible not only now but even after 100 years. My dear Telangana dreamers wake up, grow and move on.

  2. mohsin mama says:

    its a wise dicision to launch an urdu news paper for telangana ppl because it will definitely cater to the needs of teangana ppl sply urdu speaking ppl and help them put forward their greivences and stands on different issues and their problems ..which will benefitt them in their overall growth and development.last but not the least it will put an end to the expoitation by particular party of ”urdu sentiments” ..

  3. mohammed zaheeruddin says:

    rahba re telangana ke namanigar ke leye jangaon dist warangal se darkhasth pesh kar raha hon jangaon ke leye

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