Kiran Kumar Reddy checkmates Botsa?

News pulse, Politics | admin | June 22, 2011 at 2:44 pm

It is known to everyone and is an open secret that CM, Kiran Kumar Reddy and PCC chief, Botsa never had good terms. Each one of them tries to make statements or do not agree with the other, In a latest development Kiran Kumar Reddy posted a sincere IAS officer and a person who does not like any politician as the Commisioner of Botsa’s Transport ministry.

Kiran Kumar Reddy posted Hiralal Sumariya personally. In the transport ministry the commisoner decides who has to be given permission for the transpost [ermits and many politicians will be coming and using imfluence to get the permits granted for their followers or loyalists.

With the posting of Hiralal it would be interesting to see how Botsa reacts as Botsa will be contacted if any permits are being granted by the commisioner.

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