Bunny to be a ‘father’

Entertainment, News pulse | admin | September 20, 2011 at 6:49 pm

It may be recalled that Bunny has gone to Australia recently with Sneha to undergo a surgery to his shoulder. There he has learnt that she is pregnant. Unable to contain his happiness, he has called up his family members and informed them of the good news. Though the family members tried their best, to keep the news strictly under covers, it has some how leaked and the Mega fans are celebrating the good news.

The family got a bumper offer for Diwali and Dasara festivals as the surgery of Bunny was successful and now his wife is carrying. Happiness in Allu’s family knew no bounds. Friends of Bunny are congratulating him on learning the news. According to sources, Bunny’s younger brother Allu Sirish is making arrangements to give a grand welcome to his brother. Allu Aravind and his wife are also making all efforts to take good care of their daughter-in-law. Apart from members of the Allu family, Mega fans are also eagerly awaiting the birth of this Junior Bunny.

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