Prince’s ‘Dookudu’ boxes returned?

Entertainment, News pulse | admin | September 21, 2011 at 7:01 pm

Just when everyone thought that everything is fine with the film ‘Dookudu’ and it is hitting the screens on September 23rd, trouble has arrived. News is that the boxes of the film are being returned. The reason for that is a major blunder in the Re-Recording. It is heard that there is no link between Re-recording and Scene. Even the lip movement and voice is seeing no connection. Reports say that the prints got checked and sent back with this complaint.

Now, it is heard that the entire team of ‘Dookudu’ is back to work and they are slogging day and night to repair the entire thing. Many are saying that even the boxes sent overseas will also be having the same problem. So before they come back, the team has to work on all the bugs and blunders, fix them up and send it to all places before the early morning show is screened on September 23rd. As expected, the producer is having sleepless nights, as per unit members.

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