Self Help Groups join Sakala Janula Samme

News pulse, Politics | admin | September 15, 2011 at 4:17 am

As many as 70 lakh women of self help groups (SHGs) across Telangana will take part in the ongoing Sakalajanula Samme from Thursday boycotting the Streesakthi Masotsavam, scheduled to begin from Sept 15. The IKP officials had planned the monthlong programme to strengthen the SHGs across the state. Recently, the IKP authorities conducted a video conference and directed all district mahila samakhyas to make the programme a success.

The leaders of the women groups suggested that the IKP officials postpone the programme as they would not be participating in it. They also clarified that from village to districtlevel, all the SHGs had unanimously taken a decision to participate in the strike. However, it is learnt, the officials are not willing to change the programme schedule. Meanwhile, the women groups suspect that the Masotsavam was planned to dilute the Telangana agitation.

In this backdrop, Warangal district collector Rahul Bojja and PD DRDA Sujata Sharma held a meeting with District Mahila Samakhya president P Parvati on Wednesday and discussed the situation. Parvati clarified that all the 6 lakh women of 55,000 SHGs in Warangal district would participate in the strike. She alleged regional discrimination in allotment of posts in the IKPrun Srinidhi Bank. Telangana women were not given the posts of president and secretary in the bank. “The officials allotted just the treasurer post to a SHG leader from Nalgonda but the group refused to take it,” she said.

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