Next 15 days are ‘crucial’ for ‘Sakala Janula Samme’

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Next 15 days mark the most crucial phase in the struggle for separate Telangana state, and the people should take part in the ‘Sakala Janula Samme’ with renewed vigour. They should be unsparing in their efforts till they extract a favourable decision from the State and the Central governments on Telangana state, said Telangana Political Joint Action Committee chairman, Prof. Kodandaram, on Tuesday. Calling upon the Telangana people, Prof. Kodandaram said that as a solution appeared to be in sight, the people should step up the agitation and get the process of T formation expedited.

“Unless we do so with more commitment, the Governments wi ll not try to arrive at the political solution and would treat the issue as a law and order problem only and tire us out,” he cautioned. He said this while participating in a phone-in programme organized by HMTV on Tuesday night. He answered various calle rs’ queries, including some from overseas. The callers drew his attention to several issues, which he dwelt upon at length.

On the concern over attacks by the T activists on the buses to and from Seemandhra, Prof Kodandaram laid the blame squarely at the doors of the government. “Such incidents happen only at the instigation by the government through the police. Rail rokos have been peaceful. Agitations take place only as a last resort. Only finding political solution will avoid such things from recurring,” he said. “As long as the governments do not feel compelled to see the reason, they will deal with the agitation only with the police force. We have to force them to align their end objectives with those of ours. Hence, the Sakala Janula Samme will go on till Telangana creation,” he said to the striking people. He regretted that despite all sections of the people waging a relentless and painful agitation for the legitimate demand, political leaders were yet to join hands with the people and make such sacrifices as expected of them.

Sharing some callers’ concerns in this regard, he said that the call given to the public to lay siege to the residences of reluctant people’s representatives was only to mount pressure on the latter to quit from their elected posts, so that a constitutional crisis and expediency emerge, thus leading to the ultimate realization of the state demand. To a query on the purpose of the recent visit to New Delhi by T-JAC and TRS leaders, he clarified that they did not go there to hold any talks or plead with it, but to draw the attention of the opposition leaders, the national media and the Prime Minister himself to the vexed issue of Telangana. “Our visit to Delhi is not akin to that often taken by the T-Congress leaders.

So far during our earlier visits, we only called upon the national party leaders and not the PM. This time, we met him and impressed upon him the need to find the solution. Though, he didn’t commit, nevertheless he agreed on the necessity to expedite the solution-finding process. As for the national media and rallying the support of opposition leaders, we have succeeded in our mission,” he said. The main trigger for deciding upon the tour was the attack on TNGO leader Swamy Goud and the subsequent arrests of T-JAC and TRS leaders, he said. In the next course of action, he said, “Telangana is inevitable. We have to strive to expedite its creation. We’ll decide after going over the responses from the governments in the next few days.”

As for the demands other than Telangana statehood, such as six-hour power supply to farmers and salaries for the striking government employees and bonus for Singareni and RTC staff, the Prime Minister agreed to do the needful. Already, Singareni has announced the bonus and we have started the process of securing wages and bonus for the RTC staff, too, Prof Kodandaram said.

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