NRIs from Telangana rally in Washington D.C for ‘T’ – in pics

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2011-10-15 Chalo DC

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  1. Ramesh says:

    It is Sheer waste of time and foolishness to agitate for Telangana. There is no justification for demand of a Separate Telangana. None could convince, as to what special benefits would accrue to Telanganites, if a Separate State is Formed. Your reaching US n prospering there is ample proof that no person with some merit n ability to work hard, was deprived of his chances in the present dispensation. A separate Telangana at Best can Create a New Chief Minister and some more ministers, who will be able to loot the Public. Afterall, we will have the same LZY/CORRUPT NGGOs/GOs/POLICE OFFICERS N IAS OFFICERS. THE DEMAND FOR TELANGANA AND VARIOUS KINDS OF AGITATIONS ARE A CURSE ON THE TEN CRORE PEOPLE OF ANDHRA PRADESH. THERE IS NO ONE TO QUESTION, AS TO WHY, THE GREAT WISDOM OF ALLEGED EXPLOITATION OF TELANGANA DAWN IN THE MIND OF SRI KCR, WHEN HE WAS A MINISTER IN THE STATE, AND WHY ONLY WHEN HE WAS MADE THE DEPUTY SPEAKER, HE COULD UNDERSTAND THE ALLEGED EXPLOITATION. IF YOU ARE EXPECTING ALL BANDHS TO BE SPONTANEOUS, WHY YOU ARE THREATENING PEOPLE WHO ARE DISSENTING?

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