T movement will be intensified after Sankranti – KCR

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TRS president KCR has said that the Telangana movement would be intensified after Sankranti. Since almost a month-and-a-half there has been lull in the Telangana movement. Reports also said the center had decided against conceding Telangana. KCR who himself has been playing a hide and seek game since over a month, has once again come before the media and talked about intensification of the movement, giving fresh hopes to the protagonists of Telangana. KCR has participated in the calendar unveiling function of the Telangana Lecturers Union in the TRS Bhavan on Monday. Speaking on the occasion, he said justice would always win in the end. Excepting the Samajwadi Party, every other party in the country had supported Telangana, he added.

KCR has said, if necessary he would once again undertake fast unto death for Telangana, during the budget session. Stating that there was a great opportunity to press for Telangana when no confidence motion was moved against the government, he has lamented that people had lost that opportunity because of the spineless politicians.

He has made it clear that he would not leave the Telangana movement. Alleging that it was Chandrababu who has betrayed the Telangana cause, he said those stooges who howl at his behest were worse than dogs.

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