CBN Ryhtu Poru Bata turning controversial

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The Rythu Poru Bata programme of Chandrababu Naidu slated on january 6th in Warangal is proving a controversial campaign as the Telanganites launched their out right offensive on the Desam party. A seven day protest programme was already announced and the two days of protest passed off accusing the Desam as the prime culprit in the post december 9 episode in the state.

The TJAC organised a black flag rally in Warangal city and Palakurrthi on Saturday and Sunday and these two programmes evoked huge response from the public. Though the TDP and its MLAs from the district claim the Rythu Poru Baata is no where concerned with the prime issue of Telangana, the TJAC reiterated its demand that Babu should clarify his stand whether he was for Samaikhyandhra or for Telangana clearly.

The TRS leader Vinod Kumar said the Babu campaign would not face any impediment from political groups if he clarifies himself as a man of United ANdhra Pradesh.”People of the region would take the baton in such case and teach him a lesson”, he asserted. His opinion is supported by the TJAC which has announced a serious struggle programme on the eve of Babu visit. The programme includes the Bandh on jaunary 6th, the day when Babu visits Warangal.

The programme of Babu is becoming more controversial what with the statements of certain MLAs such as Mothkupalli Narsimhulu. The TDP leaders of Warangal were some how not that aggressive like their counter parts of other districts. Only the legislator Seethakka says the protests would be dealt with seriously, but revuri Prakash Reddy, the district TDP chief said the TD was not averse to Telangana creation.

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