KCR is Telangana demon

News pulse, Politics | admin | January 4, 2012 at 5:20 am

TDP Telangana Forum leader Motkupalli Narasimhulu today castigated the TRS chief K. Chandrasekhara rao once again by writing a 10-page open letter to him and calling him a Telangana demon.

Accusing KCR of drinking the blood of Telangana youth for his survival in politics, Narasimhulu said KCR had transferred the all people’s strike into all wealth for him. “You migrated from Buddipet of Vijayanagaram district and fasted for the sake of Telangana by taking liquid food but now you, as a Telangana demon, are having the ill effects of the curses of the Telangana martyrs,” he said in his letter.

Narasimhulu also said in a media conference that TRS and political JAC have been trying to block the yatra of Naidu in Telangana due to their secret pact with the congress party. “Dare to block the yatra of Naidu in Warangal district and we will see how KCR will move in Mahaboobnagar district,” Narasimhulu warned. Senior TDP leader K. Dayakara reddy also participated in the media conference.

“If you try to block the movement of Naidu Yatra in Warangal district, we have the capacity to remove your blockade,” they warned KCR and JAC convener Kodanda Ram.

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    Why the hell you are publishing the non-sense of Telangana Dhrohula party here on your website

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